Island Voices : Spoken Word workshops with Ron Butlin

Diar 21 & Dih 22 An Gearran

Ceannaich Tiocaidean

Fòn: 01851 708 480

The Edinburgh Quartet will be visiting Stornoway as part of their tour of a new commission by composer Peter Longworth.   At a concert in An Lanntair on Saturday 23rd February they will perform Peter’s composition which is a combination of music and spoken word, and is unique in that it will react to each local community’s sense of place through new texts being written in each location.

People of any age who enjoy writing prose or poetry including Higher/Advanced Higher English pupils are invited to be the voices of their community by devising a Spoken Word piece to perform with the Edinburgh Quartet on stage.  Author Ron Butlin will lead two workshops with the participants to explore and develop the spoken word sections, which will be integrated into the final piece.  Performance is optional, but participants are encouraged to perform their work themselves.

Workshops will be held in An Lanntair Community Room on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd February from 6 – 7.30pm.  On Saturday 23rd February, there will be a final session in the late afternoon/early evening with Ron, and the string quartet, to compile the final piece, before the performance in the evening.