Dark Skies – The Rocket Post with Shauna Macdonald

Sat 9 February

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There are lots of fascinating Hebridean connections to the development of rocket technology and space travel. This hugely enjoyable 2004 film is an affectionate (if fictionalised) version of one of them – German scientist Gerhard Zucker’s 1934 attempt to launch a rocket-powered airmail service from Scarp to Harris.

This special Hebridean Dark Skies Festival screening will be introduced by its star Shauna Macdonald, famous for her leading roles in films such as The Descent and Filth, and recently seen blasting off into space in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Shauna was also voted Best Actress of 2018 by BAFTA Scotland for the film White Chamber.

Earlier on Saturday – as part of our first Dark Skies Exploration Day – Dr Christopher Macleod of Lews Castle College will deliver a talk on the Hebrides’ role in the space race, including the true story of the Rocket Post.