Moira Monologues

Sat 14 July

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Written and performed by Alan Bissett
Directed by Sacha Kyle

**Shortlisted for Best New Play at the Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland**

Meet Falkirk’s hardest woman!

Moira Bell is ‘the most charismatic character to appear on a Scottish stage in a decade’ (The Scotsman), the rip-roaring, chain-smoking, nae-messin’ heroine from Alan Bissett’s classic ‘one-woman show’ The Moira Monologues, now touring as a double-bill with its award-winning sequel, More Moira Monologues.

Moira’s a single mum and a cleaner, who can’t wait to light a fag and tell her BFF Babs stories about her love life, the karaoke night in the Scotia bar, cleaning posh folks’ hooses, her thoughts on Brexit, and, of course, how she protects her darlin’ dug, Pepe, from Diesel the rottweiler.  No-one ever forgets Moira