Fèis Bidh: Food Festival

Sat 13 April

Hungry? Interested in food? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to our 5th Fèis Bidh where we put it all on a plate for you: The tradition, culture and history of the food we used to eat, still do, and the new tastes and cuisines that we now enjoy. What we have learned from other countries and what we’ve taught those that have come to live here. Your hosts will be TV chef, bon viveur and all-round gourmand Alasdair Macleod with his trusty accomplice Cudaig reprising their roles from the first Fèis in 2015. Also there will be enthusiast and expert Paula Brown who was inspired by that first fest to use the food of the past to reawaken deep memories in dementia patients.

Put it in your diary. More will be revealed.

This event is part-financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community Outer Hebrides LEADER 2014-2020 programme.