Eva Cassidy & Joan Baez tributes, The McTaggart Sisters

Fri 22 June

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A double tribute to Eva Cassidy and Joan Baez from the wildly talented McTaggart sisters, Elsa Jean and Miss Irenie Rose.

Eva Cassidy: The Story will be a deeply personal, poignant tribute by Elsa to an inspirational voice and an incredibly talented musician who was discovered by the world tragically late.

A portrayal of the life of Eva Cassidy through video, voice and song. Elsa Jean McTaggart presents a tribute to her all-time favourite artist Eva Cassidy. With her voice and guitar plus piano accompaniment, she brings alive the essence of Eva as she relates the songs to the beautiful and yet tragic story of one of the world’s most iconic voices, which was not brought to light until years after her untimely death at 33. Elsa’s voice has been described as ‘smooth as velvet… sultry’ (Joe Simmons, Edinburgh Tonight) and “One of these very few people with a distinctive enough voice to do the music and songs of Eva Cassidy justice.” (Tom King Southside Advertiser).

An icon of acoustic music. Wistful and emotional vocals, beautiful guitar accompaniment, Eva Cassidy had the power to move audiences through her interpretation of well-known songs. Elsa has devised this very special show to pay homage to this true interpreter of song.

Miss Irenie Rose, a popular artist in her own right now sings the well loved songs written and sung by Joan Baez. Irenie has toured the country and abroad, appeared on national radio and television stations and played at festivals of international renown, this show is sure to be a treat for the ears. A giant of the folk world, Joan Baez’ music has spanned the generations and become a landmark name. For those who have seen Joan Baez in concert and for those who haven’t, this is a great opportunity to indulge in melodic nostalgia.

With a voice often compared to hers, Miss Irenie Rose brings a sweet taste of early Joan Baez, one of the original giants of the folk world.

Photo credit (Miss Irenie Rose)  Katie Matthews.