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At Sea holds the hybrid meanings of being on a vessel out of sight of land, and of experiencing a state of confusion or mentally adrift. The artwork reflects the journey we have all been through over recent years and traverses a lasting impression of Hebridean exploration.

In July 2019, five artists undertook a sailing expedition heading west from Berneray to the remote islands of St Kilda. The residency (titled Island Going) presented an embodied invitation into sea and island ecologies, atmospheres and terrains, and stretched across the longest days of the year, 6 of which were spent at sea, followed by four on land.

This is a virtual representation of the of the resulting exhibition that stems directly from their shared experience at sea and was shown at An Lanntair between 2nd December 2023 and 20th January 2024.

Watch the artists behind our current exhibition, Aig Muir: At Sea, discuss the inspiration behind their work and share the experiences they had working on the projectARTIST’S VIDEO