St Kilda Mailboat by Steve Dilworth (1991)


St Kilda Mailboat exhibition by Steve Dilworth held at the old An Lanntair in the Town Hall in 1991 is the documentation of a creative action held on the Island of St Kilda on the 29th of August 1989 which was the 29th anniversary of the evacuation. It involved Steve launching a sculptural boat made form oak with a sheeps rib for a mast. The names of all of the evacuees were written on parchment by Steve using a quill made from a gannet’s feather, cremated and entombed within the vessel before it was launched from the island. The vessel has never been recovered.

This virtual exhibition includes an audio commentary by An Lanntair’s Head of Visual Arts Roddy Murray. Clink on the microphone icon to hear the audio.

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