Room 2 Manoeuvre Hip Hop Dance Workshops for schools

Room 2 Manoeuvre, one of Scotlands leading hip hop dance theatre companies, returns once more to An Lanntair with its latest show, Without a Hitch on 12th October 2017.

In the lead up to the performance, the company will be offering dance workshops to schools in Lewis and Harris in conjunction with An Lanntair. Dance workshops will be primarily led by Room 2 Manoeuvre artistic director Tony Mills.  Tony will give participants a taste of a range of dance styles including breakdance, hip hop, commercial/street, locking and popping.  The workshop will begin with a warm up into basic grooves and then learning a choreographed routine and special moves and tricks.  Participants will also get a chance to find their own style and develop their own routines as solos or in partners/groups.  If a school has an existing dance group via the PE department or an after school club then some workshops can be targeted at these groups for a more advanced session both in contemporary/modern dance and/or hip hop.

Available 18th – 28th September. Suitable for P1 – P7; or Secondary PE classes. Workshop in your school. Free.  Contact Moira Macdonald on 01851 708493 or to book