In Praise of Shadows: school performances and workshops

In Praise of Shadows

Storytelling and Shadow Puppetry show

By Julia Darrouy & J Diaz

A storytelling & shadow puppetry show performed in a hand made geodesic dome. Follow the story of a child who gets their hopes and dreams stolen and the journey of their family to rekindle them. The performance space itself, the ceiling, the walls, the floor, becomes the set for different adventures that will bring wonder to the forefront. This show is accompanied by live music.

Workshop: Shadow Puppet Making

Learn how to make shadow puppets.  Children can then test out their puppets in the dome.

Available dates: Mon 2nd – Wed 4th October 2023
Suitable for: age 7+
Location: available in your school
Capacity: performance max 15 pupils, workshop max 30 pupils
Duration: performance 40 mins, workshop 1 hr
Space required: 5x5m space with access to plug sockets.

This tour is delivered as part of the Captivate partner programme with support from Puppet Animation Scotland.