Time on Rock: Anna Fleming

Sat 5 Nov

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Image credit: Murdo MacLeod

Tracing a geological and personal journey across the British Isles over ten years, Anna Fleming charts two parallel journeys: learning the craft of traditional rock climbing, and the developing appreciation of the natural world it brings her. From terrified beginner to confident lead climber, she shows us how placing hand and foot on rock becomes a profound new way into the landscape.

From the gritstone rocks of the Peak District to the gabbro pinnacles of the Cuillin, the slate of North Wales to the high plateau of the Cairngorms. Each landscape, and each type of rock, brings its own challenges and unique pleasures. She also shows us how climbing invites us into the history of a place: geologically, of course, but also culturally. This illustrated talk also references Lewis and Harris.

Time on Rock has been shortlisted for the prestigious Wainwright Prize and the Boardman Tasker Award, 2022.

“… a wonderfully intimate account of climbing, filled with the rough texture of rocks and the hard-won elation of reaching for the skies” Guardian