Fiddle and Guitar workshop with Inn Echo

Fri 14 July

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Call: 01851 708 480

Inn Echo weave hundreds of years of traditional tunes with contemporary originals and arrangements that both soar and make you catch your breath simultaneously. Inn Echo will be hosting a workshop focusing on learning one of their original tunes and a tune from Prince Edward Island. The workshop will be in 3 groups then brought together in the end for a jam of what students have learned.

Advanced fiddle for folks who are comfortable learning quickly by ear and or sheet music and have a good understanding of tune types and comfortable playing at a quick tempo.

Beginner/intermediate fiddle for players who are starting out and have a basic knowledge of playing and basic techniques involved in playing through whole tunes.

Guitar Accompaniment for guitarist with a basic knowledge of chording and are able to move through different chord shapes in either drop D or standard tuning.

In partnership with HebCelt