Egg tempera workshop with David Greenall

Sat 6 Apr

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Summer in Lewis by David Greenall Summer in Lewis by David Greenall

In this practical paint mixing workshop, artist David Greenall will teach you how to mix your own egg tempera and use it in a painting.  Many medieval and Renaissance masterpieces were executed in egg tempera which is more durable than oil and with a luminosity similar to watercolor. Egg tempera is created by mixing egg yolk with powdered pigments and a little water.

You’ll have a chance to see David Greenall’s paintings in his exhibition Peantadh is Obair-Chreadha: Painting and Ceramics with fellow Lewis artist Sue Blair, and be inspired to paint an experimental landscape using egg tempera you mix yourself.

Bring an apron, a landscape photo, and a jar to take home any left-over paint.