‘A New Page – Freeing the Writer Within’ with Peter Urpeth

Thursdays from 20 July (8 weeks)

Whether you are a beginner, or a more experienced writer, these sessions will assist you to make writing an important and positive part of your daily life. The approach in these sessions is supportive, enabling and designed to help you overcome the obstacles you may feel when wanting to write, or to start writing. The workshops focus on defeating writers block, and the ever-present inner editor who might be constantly telling you have nothing to say, you can’t, you mustn’t or you haven’t got time to write.

The aim is simple – at the end of the course, you will have filled a good part of a notebook with your own writing. Most of our time will be spent writing with the aid of prompts, theme ideas and constructive guidance that will keep your writing, overcome the fears and pressures of the blank page, and to structure and use writing time productively.

There is no requirement to read your work out loud, to critique other people’s work or to share anything other than an openness to the possibilities of our shared creative time. Neither you or your work will be judged, and you don’t need any ambitions to be a novelist or a published writer. All you need is a desire to gain the many mental health and well-being benefits creative writing can bring to your life.