Django’s Journey: workshop with Children’s Classic Concerts

The Workshops – Django’s Journey
Learn how to improvise with Children’s Classic Concert’s fabulous musicians, Owen (percussion), Seonaid (vocals and violin) and Conor (guitar). It’s a chance for pupils to test out their own jazzy rhythms and get all the teachers’ toes tapping in workshops devised specifically for your classes. Pupils can have a go on some of Owen’s percussion instruments and singalong with Seonaid, experiencing a style of music that most will have never heard before.
Workshops are approximately 45 minutes and can cater for up to 30
pupils at a time.

Available: Thurs 9th and Fri 10th May
Suitable for: Primary school classes
Location: your school
Duration: 45 mins
Number of pupils: 30 max

“The delivery by CCC musicians was outstanding… everyone came out absolutely filled with enthusiasm… Words chosen by our pupils have been “amazing”, “awesome”, “brilliant” – echoed by staff… The impact on our children is massive. Genuinely can’t say this enough.”
Headteacher of Dunard Primary School, Glasgow

The Film
All schools that take up the offer of workshops will be provided with early access to Children’s Classic Concerts latest film of ‘Django’s Journey’ with supporting
resource pack (due to be released to schools across Scotland in August). If the children enjoyed the live workshop then they’ll love the film – taking them on a
journey across the globe with our travelling musicians and their cat, ‘Django’.

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Children’s Classic Concert – Django’s Journey.