Cultivating Crafts: Twilling Tweeds Exhibition at An Lanntair

  • Published on: 5th January 2016
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Twilling Tweeds and Hunarmand Hoost (Skilled Hands) is an unconventional exhibition of contemporary hand embroidered textiles. The exhibition opened on Friday 4th December 2015 at An Lanntair, Stornoway and will run till 6th February 2016.

A series of contemporary hand-loomed embroidered textiles will interpret Scottish and Chitrali stories through illustrated narratives. The artwork incorporates Chitrali narratives illustrated on Harris Tweed as well as Scottish narratives on Chitrali calico. The textiles aim to depict the uniqueness of life in the Outer Hebrides and Chitral Valley. These ancient traditions will be preserved so that the skills of the artisans are not lost. This exchange mingles their traditions in a unique and unexpected way.
Perhaps it was inevitable for Adil Iqbal, a textile designer raised in Edinburgh by a Pakistani family, to start Twilling Tweeds – a cross-cultural initiative that uses weaving and embroidery to bridge the two unique, but interrelated cultures. “I’ve always been torn between two worlds,” Iqbal explains. Adil started Twilling Tweeds in 2011 after a research trip to northern Pakistan, and was intrigued by the parallels between its female embroiderers and the Scottish weavers of the Outer Hebrides. Artisans from both cultures work in isolation, whether weaving in sheds or embroidering quietly in front of an open fire, Iqbal says.

Twilling Tweeds will be conducting a series of exciting and innovative workshops in January in partnership with An Lanntair. The workshops aim to celebrate the work and traditions between the two communities. This provides an opportunity for the islanders to collaborate, experiment and learn aspects of Chitrali crafts and culture. There will be a range of workshops on offer from recreating a traditional Chitrali mantelpiece cloth on tweed, embroidering a personal narrative on a special garment and learn to bead poetry to create your own special textile!
Twilling tweeds have produced an exclusive range of products; Limited range of coasters, art prints, Embroidered Tweed zip clutches, Totes, and cushions.
Currently available at An Lanntair shop.

To book a place on Adil’s upcoming workshops click here.