Cuimhne Poster Call

  • Published on: 24th January 2018
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Cuimhne seeks to combine academic thought, archive footage, making and live performance with particular focus on memory, oral tradition and creativity. Cuimhne will also showcase the Arora project and Dementia Friendly Community initiative.

Cuimhne poster call out

Posters are invited from academics, creative practitioners, organisations and institutions on topics related to the following themes:

  • Oral tradition and memory loss
  • Hand memory and Haptic stimulation
  • Making as a therapeutic activity
  • The role of bi/multi-lingualism in retaining memory skills
  • Intangible culture and archiving
  • Design and dementia care
  • The role of culture and heritage in creative care practice
  • The role of cultural inclusivity in care home design
  • Cultural and linguistic rights within the care home environment
  • The role of heritage collections and archives in reminiscence
  • Making as a way of understanding
  • Memory and Intergenerational learning
  • The role of memory in community cohesion
  • Restoring the value of the elderly in the community
  • Museum artefacts and intangible culture
  • The role of assistive technologies in health care and wellbeing
  • Cultural identity and food traditions


All selected posters will be on display in the upstairs walkway in An Lanntair throughout the Cuimhne symposium so that attendees can absorb them in their own time and way.

The Cuimhne symposium agenda will also include time for you to discuss your poster with colleagues, answer questions and exchange ideas. There will be poster viewing sessions at four specified times throughout the symposium and authors are encouraged to be available for discussion by their poster at these times.

Application process

To apply, please send an email to by 15/3/18 (extended deadline) with the following information:

  • A short title for your poster.
  • Your name, job title, organisation, email address and phone number.
  • The same contact details for anyone else who will attend the symposium and present the poster with you.
  • A summary of no more than 500 words, which gives a clear idea of the topics and content that your poster will feature.

You don’t need to create the poster itself at this stage.

We will contact you by 16/3/18 to inform you whether your application has been successful.

Successful applicants should submit their final poster design for approval by emailing a pdf of your poster to by Mon 26 March.

Authors attending should bring their poster to An Lanntair by 10am on Mon 23rd April. Authors not attending should mail their poster to An Lanntair by Thurs 19th April. Posters should be A1 in size.