Wave Migration: Laura Maynard

6 Apr – 11 May 2019

Since the early 1990’s a small but vibrant surf community has developed on the Isle of Lewis. Each surfer has a personal and unique story about how have they have come to be part of the island’s surf culture – their stories have key moments, people and places that have led them to stay and make surfing on Lewis’s wild rugged coast an integral part of their life. For the surfers originally from Lewis this sport, lifestyle and passion was a key factor in their decision to stay- when so many of their peers decided to leave. For those that moved to the island it was the draw of the waves, wilderness and culture that led them to find something different and special on Lewis.

Painter, screen printer and surfer Laura Maynard tells the stories of Lewis surfers through large scale portraits and mixed media pieces. Layered and intertwined within the surfers’ portraits is imagery and symbolism that gives subtle clues to their journey to becoming part of the small close knit surf community. Film maker, photographer and surfer Jim Hope has created a short film showing the Islands wild coastal landscape, waves and cold water surfers paradise. Mark Lumsden is a surfer and board shaper-designing and making handcrafted surf boards in his work shop in Ness. His shaping skills will be showcased in a board specifically designed for the waves and conditions of Lewis surf.

Gallery Packs for younger visitors
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Wave Migration Gallery Pack – English

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