Uncharted Waters

15 Dec – 20  Jan

Inspired by the poetry of George Mackay Brown, GF Dutton and by personal experience, tapestry artist Fiona Hutchison explores the contrasting character, power, moods and beauty of the sea.

Although developed through drawing and painting, her ideas only truly come alive when translated into woven tapestry and stitched paper where her ideas and images meet specific materials and techniques to explore the movement of the sea: currents, tides, waves, whirlpools and maelstroms, the powerful ebb and flow of water. Her work is not a literal translation or a representation of the sea but something remembered; a metaphor to our lives.

This body of work was developed through the support of a Personal Development Award from Creative Scotland, allowing Hutchison to explore the creative potential of working across creative disciplines, using weave, stitch, paper, and other materials as a starting point, blurring and questioning the definition of Contemporary Tapestry.