6 Jul - 15 Aug 2009

Our new exhibition is by some of Scotland’s most accomplished tapestry artists. 17 artists have submitted 4 pieces each to give you a wonderful taste of where this inticate artform is heading into the 21st century!

Tapestry has never gone away but our new exhibition at An Lanntair is still pitched as something of a revival.

Suas leis an Oir-Ghreus or ‘Long live Tapestry!’ was in fact first shown as Vive le Tapisserie! at the French Institute in Edinburgh in 2008, which proves in its own way that tapestry is something of an international language.

The exhibition comprises 4 miniatures each by 17 of Scotland’s leading tapestry artists. All are members of the newly formed group STAR (Scottish Tapestry Artists Re-Grouped) and graduates of the tapestry department of Edinburgh College of Art.

Many have been connected with the internationally famous Edinburgh Tapestry Company.  Among the well-established names are Maureen Hodge and Archie Brennan while at least two have exhibited at An Lanntair in recent years; Fiona Hutchison and Canadian, Joanne Soroka.

One of the first Tapestry Company exhibitions was held in Edinburgh in December 1974.  Two years later another show toured Scotland and Norway.  Of the original group, 5 are included in this exhibition.  Then as now, these miniatures are all samples, or sketches for larger pieces, but are also individual statements, complete as they are.

The artists are: Archie Brennan. Sara Brennan, Amanda Gizzi, Linda Green, Alice Hannigan, Maureen Hodge, Stephen Hunter, Fiona Hutchison, William Jefferies, Ellen Lenvik, Birgitta MacDonald, Jo McDonald, Susan Mowatt, Colin Parker, Paul R Penrice, Anna Ray and Joanne Soroka.