Fòcas: Document 

Sat 15th Sept - Friday 12th Oct

Sat 15th Sept – Friday 12th October in the An Lanntair Cafe Bar

Document brings together three Indian and three Scottish artists to make new lens-based work that explores their world as global citizens. From the experience of intimacy after a diagnosis with MS to the instinctive world of play constructed by two young girls in the isolated mists of upper Kashmir, from a search for the ‘thin places’ where, in folklore, heaven almost meets earth to a contemporary quest for moral vision, Document offers six unique perspectives on what it means to live in a connected world today, tied not just by shared histories or common markets, but by all that is essential to human experience.

Commissioned by Fòcas Scotland. Supported by the British Council and Creative Scotland.

Exhibiting artists include: Hannah Laycock, Deepti Asthana, Gemma Dagger, Sandeep Dhopate, Lucie Rachel and Kannagi Khanna.