26 Sep - 18 Oct 2008

CARGO1 is a sailing, touring exhibition travelling around the west coast of Scotland.

Including drawings and portable works by eight contemporary artists: Charlotte Watters, Veronica Lussier, Andrea Roe, Dalziel + Scullion, Kenny Hunter, Ilana Halperin, Jessica Lloyd Jones, Catriona Murray and accompanied by text from Holly Lockie.
‘CARGO’ is a project which aims to exhibit and develop travelling contemporary exhibitions and artist’s opportunities by boat. CARGO1, a group show, set sail at the beginning of August from Ullapool after a successful week long début exhibition in an talla solais Ullapool Visual Arts from the 25th of July till the 1st of August.

Since leaving Ullapool CARGO1 has exhibited in Skye, in The Skye Gathering Hall in Portree, and from here across to the Outer Isles where it was exhibited in Taigh Chearsabhagh, Loch Maddy, North Uist, from the 2nd till the 10th of September.

The vessel which is taking this maiden exhibition is the 1926 wooden Bermudan Cutter: ‘Maureen’. The work is housed and transported in boxes aboard the boat, and unpacked and hung/set-up in the various venues along the way. Maureen is being crewed by her owners Dan Johnson and Charlotte Watters who set up and curate the project.

The exhibition locations and venues are pre-arranged with others developing on route as the show progresses, the route is therefore flexible and unfolding according to both the weather and other opportunities which arise. All of the details and information about locations, times and dates accompany the travelling exhibition on the website,www.cargo1.co.uk .