Sharmanka – Gothic Kinetic

2 Dec – 5 Feb

Eduard Bersudsky and Tatyana Jakovskaya’s  intricate kinemats – made from discarded, reclaimed and reused pieces of metal, wood and machinery – make a welcome return to an Lanntair!

Sharmanka (Russian for hurdy-gurdy or barrel organ) was founded in 1989 by sculptor-mechanic Eduard Bersudsky and theatre director Tatyana Jakovskaya in St. Petersburg, Russia. Sergey Jakovsky soon joined the team at the age of thirteen and is now responsible for the light and sound design. Since 1995 Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre/Gallery/Workshop has been based in Glasgow, gaining recognition as a hidden treasure and undertaking commissions and exhibitions nationally and internationally. In 2009 it was relocated to Trongate 103 – Glasgow’s newest centre for the arts and creativity.

The kinetic sculptures – kinemats – combine scrap metal, discarded household items, electrical motors and carved figures. They reflect Eduard’s life in Russia and in Scotland, his experiences, influences and friends. They are arresting, serious, rich in myth and have a wicked sense of humour.

Eduard never received any professional art training. In his late twenties he started carving wooden sculptures from his small room in a communal flat, while earning a living in menial jobs, which allowed him to avoid the control of communist ideology. One day he connected an electrical motor to one of his carved sculptures and was so enthralled by its movement that he has been creating his Kinemats ever since.

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