CUIMHNEACHAN: Memorial by Peter White

8 Apr - 13 May 2023

Exhibition run: 8 Apr – 13 May 2023

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Memorial is an on-going project of interconnected themes explored in painting, drawing and text. At the heart of the exhibition are two pieces of work: One incorporates a series of graphite head drawings made from prisoner identity photographs, and the other is the Memorial Stones Project which involves walking, collecting, painting, naming, remembering and returning.

Peter White was born in Ayrshire, studied at the Edinburgh College of Art, and has lived and worked in the North West of Scotland since the mid-1990s. He has exhibited widely and is known for his arresting, austere paintings of apparently simple subjects such as a head, a boat, a book or a bowl: vessels that contain a life-force, or a memory of the life or function they once had. These can be monumental in scale or the size of personal icons.