Our special commissions were connected to the themes of climate change, nature and conservation, the first of which was based on the award-winning book The Changing Outer Hebrides, by Professor Frank Rennie, Head of Sustainable Rural Development at UHI. For this new piece of work Professor Rennie linked with the Between Islands project, travelling to both Orkney and Shetland in a compare and contrast study of working crofts and environmental change. The resulting work can be viewed below.


(Thanks to Acair Books and Fiona Rennie)

Our second commission saw marine sculptor Sam MacDonald and songwriter Colin Macleod undertake a moorland journey, focusing on stories – both modern and ancient – which told of the importance of salmon to the islands and its people.  The resulting material was displayed in An Lanntair in December 2022 and their short film and Q and A session can be viewed below:


Originally from Lewis, Sam MacDonald now lives and works in East Lothian, where he sculpts in metal on the theme of sea life.


When Colin Macleod is not lambing, fishing, or out on the moors in Lewis, he can be found recording duets with Sheryl Crow or playing live on The Late Late Show with James Corden in LA. His passion for the Lewis landscape and photography often features in his work, and along with song writing these elements formed  his contribution to Scotland’s Year of Stories.

Watch Colin Macleod’s finished video, that he presented for an audience in An Lanntair, down below. The film and music were inspired by a collaboration with marine sculptor Sam Macdonald on the theme of Moorland and their shared passion for fishing.