Travelling Gallery: Gabecare

Travelling Gallery is pleased to present its new exhibition by Gabecare. Gabecare is a collaboration between artists Tessa Lynch and Rachel Adams, and together they use sculpture and printmaking to examine the domestic mess of 21st century living. Taking their name from little know inventor Frances Gabe, who devoted her life to inventing the self-cleaning house, Gabecare humorously play with scale, for example giant prints of carbolic soap and tiny dolls houses sculpted into laundry baskets, to devote themselves to cleanliness whilst continually battling it.

Available to visit Lewis and Harris schools on Wed 14th and Thurs 15th June 2023. Contact to arrange a visit to your school.  Pupils visit the gallery in small groups of up to 10 children and learn about the exhibition from the Travelling Gallery team.

An accompanying visual art workshop will be available for a limited number of classes on request.

Workshop info
Tessa Lynch of Gabecare will deliver a workshop around the themes of invisible labour to accompany the Travelling Gallery exhibition – High on the Summit Ridge. 

Who cleans the dishes? who sweeps the streets? We will be asking children these questions and getting them to think about all of the important maintenance jobs that are still overlooked and think about who does them. We will also introduce the children to the wonderful woman Frances Gabe who decided to design a self-cleaning house!

The children will engage in a drawing and painting exercise where they will either : design slogans of thanks to all those who care for the upkeep of the world around them, or alternatively they can choose to draw out an invention that would make that job easier! These images will be used to decorate large cut out templates of clothes that will be pegged out on to washing lines extended out from the Travelling Gallery so their work becomes part of the show. This will mean their wonderful ideas and thanks get a very public airing!

Tessa creates many workshops for children and adults, introducing audiences to a large array of artistic processes and concepts. Tessa has recently been working with children in and around Edinburgh to design a new playscape for National Galleries Scotland.

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