Roos Dijkhuisen: Mapping the Arteries Bus Shelter commission Part 2

  • Published on: 23rd February 2016
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Roos Dijkhuisen:

My week on the isles of lewis and harris took a couple days to digest. Went through various scales and methods of visual forms. Approaching the project with such an openness to experience instigating ideas, meant the ideas were manifesting in sound, and moving image right through to ceramics and sculpture.

A couple of these shelters I had seen during my tour on the isles were remotely placed with no surrounding infrastructure besides the main road. It made me wonder in what circumstances would you end up there, what cycle are you living in. Considering the structure as a human mark on the landscape, yet so vacant in human gesture has been a current pull for the work I have been making.

My process

Using all the material I collected and wrote during my visit as resource. Everything in fragments of a sense and testing new outcomes – working on pieces in screenprint, metal casting, ceramics and digital printing.