Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from Ghana

Kakatsitsi are a group of traditional drummers, dancers and singers from the Ga tribe of Southern Ghana, with their roots in the fishing community of Jamestown. Their music takes traditional rhythms and chants from their own Ga tradition and those of a variety of other West African cultures, rearranging them in a modern and accessible way.  Kakatsitsi are performing at An Lanntair on Fri 16th September.

From Mon 12th – Thurs 15th September, Kakatsitsi can offer workshops to Primary schools in Lewis or Harris.  Morning or afternoon workshops are available. The session will start with a performance and lead into workshops (either for all pupils, or split into individual classes depending on the size of your school).  Classes may be split into groups to work on drumming, dance, singing, or basic percussion.  Timings can be adapted to suit your school.

The length of the performance and workshops sessions can be shortened if necessary. For younger classes (nursery and reception) a shorter workshop period of 30 mins in total is recommended. For years 1-3, 45-50 mins in total is sufficient (though 60 mins is also fine) and for years 4-6 we recommend the full 60 mins, though they can manage fine with less if necessary.  It is preferable to have the drumming workshops based in the same space for the whole morning as moving the drums takes some time.

To make a booking for your school, email moira@anlanntair.com