Harbour Room commission by Alice Macmillan

  • Published on: 25th September 2020
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Lewis printmaker Alice Macmillan shares the inspiration and story of her spectacular new artwork which transports a sense of St Kilda magic to An Lanntair’s Harbour Room…

“When I visited St Kilda last year, I was completely blown away by the spectacular landscapes, the history and the abundance of wildlife in the remote archipelago. The islands are so wild and starkly beautiful, they are truly awe-inspiring.

“I was totally captivated by the immense sea stacks – Stac an Armin and Stac Lee. They loom out of the mist, towering above the Atlantic and teem with seabirds.

“The energy is palpable as you watch gannets darting in and out of the water alongside dolphins jumping out of the waves. It really is like another world. I wanted to create some of that energy in my linocuts, capturing a snapshot of the chaotic natural world.”

Alice Macmillan is a freelance artist and educator specialising in printmaking. She studied Fine Art at Norwich University of Art and became a professional artist in 2018 after moving back to the Isle of Lewis. The flora and fauna of the Outer Hebrides feature heavily in her print work. She is influenced by subjects that evoke a sense of place and create a connection to nature.

An Lanntair’s team installing Alice’s new artwork in our Harbour Room