Ginger theatre show for schools


by Tortoise in a Nutshell, created in association with Platform and Lyth Arts Centre.

Ginger tells the tale of a misshapen gingerbread person, discarded and marked for the bin. Follow our biscuity hero as they inspire a picture-perfect kitchen to come alive in a cacophony of chaos. A disco fridge, somersaulting teaspoons and a mysterious yodelling sink, are all brought to life using a mix of puppetry, magic and a performance.

It’s time to get baking!
Eggs crack – Butter melts – Puffs of flour fill the air –
The perfect platter of gingerbread people is ready for the oven.
But one of these biscuits has other ideas…

The performance is followed by gingerbread decorating. 

Age:    P1-P4 (nursery class welcome with older pupils)

Dates available in Lewis or Harris schools: w/c 11th November 2024

Max pupils per performance: 80

Cost:   The cost for Lewis and Harris schools will be covered by An Lanntair Creative Learning.

Contact for more details or to discuss Ginger coming to you school. Due to the tech set-up, the play can be in one venue per day for a maximum of 2 performances.

Show trailer:

Contact: Julian Almeida,


Tortoise in a Nutshell is a multi-award-winning Edinburgh based charity that creates world class visual theatre to ignite the imaginations of audiences around the globe. Formed in 2010 their unique blend of puppetry, performance and innovation puts Tortoise in a Nutshell’s work at the forefront of visual theatre and delivers exciting and thought-provoking experiences for audiences of all ages.


​Expressive Arts

I can respond to the experience of drama by discussing my thoughts and feelings. I can give and accept constructive comment on my own and others’ work. EXA 0-15a / EXA 1-15a / EXA 2-15a / EXA 3-15a

I can analyse technical aspects of drama and scripts, make informed judgments and express considered opinions on my own and others’ work. EXA 4-15a

Health and Well Being
I am aware of how friendships are formed and that likes, dislikes, special qualities and needs can influence relationships. HWB 0-44a / HWB 1-44a