Famous Artists and their Circles 5 : Alma Thomas

Alma Thomas (1891 – 1978 and her painting ‘The Eclipse’ (1970)

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Pies come in many shapes and sizes, but traditionally they are round, a shape that has come to be associated with equality. Equality was the inspiration behind the legend of King Arthur and his famed round table.

The African-American artist Alma Thomas (1891-1978) believed in equality. She said that the creative spirit of someone who paints a picture or sculpts a statue should be recognised independent of gender, race or age – all barriers she had to overcome to gain recognition:

“Through colour, I have sought to concentrate on beauty and happiness, rather than on man’s inhumanity to man.”

Inspired by the natural world and fascinated by space-exploration, she imagined views from up in the air, allowing the landscape to spread over her canvas in small splashes and dots, a technique known as pointillism.

Resurrection (1966)

Many of her designs are radial, starting from the centre with bands colours growing outwards, as the sun radiates heat and light – like this one, chosen by Michelle Obama to hang in the dining room of the White House during Black History Month, 2015.

How does this painting make you feel?




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