Family Music Song Collection

Here is a collection of songs and rhymes from our Full Circle Family Music sessions. They reflect life experiences that are common to families the world over.  Every time you share them you are making vital connections that will strengthen you relationship and help your child to develop and grow.

Play your part, right from the start…

Bring the music alive by singing and chanting, as well as listening. Children need the sound of the human voice to flourish as much as they need human touch, response and love. They also need movement to help them learn about themselves and their environment, so bounce to the music with your baby and dance with your toddler as you sing. Immerse yourself in the moment whatever age your child, give to them fully with your whole body, mind and spirit, and have fun.

Click to download the Full Circle Song Words

1.Days of the Week Song :

2. Hickory Dickory Dock :

3. Humpty Dumpty :

4. Incey Wincey Spider :

5. Little Tommy Tucker :

6. The Muffin Man :

7. One, Two, Buckle my Shoe :

8. Pat-a-cake (song) :

9. Pat-a-cake (clapping game) :

10. Pease Porridge Hot :

11. Pop! Goes the Weasel :

12. Pussy Cat :

13. Rain, Rain, Go Away :

14. Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses :

15. Six little ducks :

16. There’s a Spider on my Toe :

17. This Old Man :

18. To Market, to Market :

19. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star :