Faclan Òga : Catriona Lexy Chaimbeul

Faclan Òga author talk for schools

An t-Ionnsachadh Bòidheach : Catriona Lexy Chaimbeul

Gàidhlig P5-7

Writing adventures and avoiding disasters! In this workshop, Catriona Lexy Chaimbeul will talk about writing her trilogy about kids surviving following a huge disaster, An t-Ionnsachadh Bòidheach, and discuss how to go about creating your own adventures. We’ll talk about how to build your world, design your cast of characters and navigate your story to an exciting conclusion no matter how many disasters unfold!

This is a live interactive Vscene session with Catriona Lexy Chaimbeul.  Sessions are available on Tuesday 17th November, 2020 (3 slots available – early or late morning or afternoon).   Contact moira@lanntair.com to book