Faclan Oga recorded talks for Primary Schools


Barbara Henderson: The Chessmen Thief
Suitable for: P4 – P7 English

From the moment 12-year-old Kylan hatches a plan to escape from his Norse captors, and return to Scotland to find his mother, his life becomes a dangerous game. The precious Lewis Chessmen pieces—which he helped carve—hold the key to his freedom, but he will need all his courage and wit to triumph against Sven Asleifsson, the cruellest Viking in the realm. One false move could cost him his life.

Barbara Henderson has woven a thrilling origin story around the enduring mystery of the Lewis Chessmen which were discovered on Lewis in 1831.  In her recorded talk, Barbara tells you all about how she researched and imagined this story. And being a Drama teacher, she sets some creative dramatic challenges for the class.


Catherine Rayner: Arlo The Lion Who Couldn’t Sleep
Suitable for: P1 – P3 English



Arlo the lion is exhausted. He just can’t drop off, no matter what he tries. It’s either too hot, or too cold; too loud or too quiet. But then he meets Owl. She can sleep through the day, which isn’t easy when most other animals are awake! Will Arlo ever get any rest? Perhaps his new friend has some special tricks she can teach him …

Author and Illustrator Catherine Rayner talks about this delightful book which is shortlisted for the SBT Bookbug Picture Book Prize 2022. She will also introduce some of her other wonderful animal characters and shows you how to draw Augustus the Tiger who lost his smile.  (Contact moira@lanntair.com for a pack of paper, watercolour pencils and ink)


Catrìona Lexy Chaimbeul: Òran Mo Sheanar
Workshop suitable for P4 -7 Gaelic

Contact moira@anlanntair.com to request a file transfer.

“Le uisg is le grian, bidh sinn uile a’ fàs. Gheibh sinn latha agus oidhche, gheibh sinn beatha is tàmh.”

Seo an t-òran a bhios Seanair a’ gabhail a h-uile latha nuair a bhios e fhèin agus ogha a-muigh a’ cur sìol. Gabhaidh na bliadhnaichean seachad agus fàsaidh na craobhan nan coille fhad ‘s a dh’fhàsas am balach àrd agus làidir. Tha Seanair a’ fàs aosta agus às dèidh latha dòigheil, mus tèid e a ghabhail tàmh, bheir e am poca sìl do ogha. Tuigidh esan a-nise gum feum e cumail suas òran a sheanair.

Òran mo Sheanar is the new, award-winning children’s book by Catriona Lexy Chaimbeul. In this workshop, Catriona will read from the book and share a range of creative writing activities related to it’s themes, including the passage of time and growing up. We’ll play with story structure, create original characters and try to imagine what our own lives will be like in the far distant future. The workshop is suitable for primary 4-7.


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