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Traditional Music Slow Sessions for Youth.

Join our slow session designed for young musicians from Primary 7 and above, where you can learn tunes at a comfortable pace and play in a group setting. Whether you’re new to playing an instrument or looking to gain more experience, this session is open to all. It’s a great stepping stone to other sessions on the island or beyond, and a perfect opportunity to enhance your skills in a relaxed, judgment-free environment. Tunes are taught by ear, but don’t worry, sheet music is available if you need it.  Bring your instrument. Key-board, guitars, whistles and bodhrans are available if needed.

The session will be led by Eilidh Young, an arts worker, music teacher and pipe-band drummer.  To find out more, email Eilidh at:

This session is part of Stepping Stones which supports children, young people and families to access the arts and to be creative.  Funded by the Bank of Scotland Foundation.