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Five years ago, expert diver and Naval Captain Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) encountered an unknown deep sea danger that forced him to abort his mission and abandon half his crew. Though the tragic incident earned him a dishonourable discharge, what ultimately cost him his career and his marriage were his claims of what caused it – an attack by a mammoth, 70-foot sea creature… But when a submersible lies sunk and disabled at the bottom of the ocean – carrying his ex-wife among the team onboard – he is the one who gets the call. Could the Carcharodon Megalodon – the largest marine predator that ever existed – still be alive … and on the hunt?

Jon Turteltaub / USA/China 2018 / 1h53m / English and Mandarin with English subtitles / 12A – Contains moderate threat, occasionally bloody moments, action violence. / Cast: Jason Statham, Bingbing Li, Rainn Wilson, Cliff Curtis, Winston Chao.