The Bough Breaks

Thur 28 Sept

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This documentary feature, explores the life of visionary conservationist and ecologist, Alan Watson Featherstone and his charity Trees for Life (which has been restoring Scotland’s ancient Caledonian Forest since the 1980s, having planted nearly two million trees). It examines the wider issue of Rewilding, as a viable approach to tackling some of the global conservation and climate issues, currently threatening life on Earth. It also discusses the urgency for more individual responsibility in the stewardship of our planet and the enormous legacy one man can gift to the future, by staying true to his personal vision. 

It opens with archive footage of the catastrophic effects of unchecked human activity: deforestation, plastic pollution, mass extinctions and climate breakdown. Various aspects of rewilding are explored, including the control of herbivore numbers and the reintroduction of missing species to the landscape – and the positive effects such interventions have had. 

Directed by: Caroline Strong and Danny Strong