Rhythm workshop with Signy Jakobsdottir

Thur 14 July

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Call: 01851 708 480

Photo by Demelza Kingston

Learn, create and play rhythm drills in a group setting, using drum sticks and approaches familiar to drummers. This fun and practical workshop is open to any musicians who would like to focus on and improve rhythm, musicality and timing. We’ll explore accents patterns and different grooves.

Music reading skills are not necessary.  Sticks provided. The workshop runs from 2pm – 3.30pm.  Suitable for adults and young people age 14+.  Booking is essential.

Scottish-Icelandic percussionist and drummer Signy Jakobsdottir has over thirty years of experience. Recording and performing credits include work with Capercaillie, Emily Smith, The Shee, Josie Duncan, Robyn Stapleton, Mischa Macpherson, and Sharleen Spiteri to name a few. In addition to playing regularly in the folk scene, she also works in dance and theatre playing live and developing scores. She plays a broad range of instruments from congas to cajon, darbukka to drum kit and uses bells, gongs and unusual percussion instruments to create atmosphere, texture and a unique sound.

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