Pop-Ups, Paper Mechanics and Puppets by Colleen Magennis

Tuesdays 27 October - 1 December

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Colleen Magennis is a professional puppeteer and puppet maker with a strong interest in mechanical movement and automata. She has led workshops in puppet-making and toured her own solo shows. Colleen worked for Little Angel Marionette Theatre in London and other puppet companies across Britain.

Through this online course Colleen is offering the opportunity to create an original stage set and puppets for performance and storytelling. Sets and puppets will all be made from paper.

You will learn the basic principles of designing and making pop-ups for creating stage sets for Paper Theatre; making articulated 2-D cardboard puppets, and exploring some basic paper mechanics techniques to introduce built-in characters.

No great artistic skills are necessary, but you will need to be able to measure accurately, to work with a degree of precision and patience, and to be willing to experiment!

Participants will be sent through a Zoom link close to the start of the first class.