The Party’s Just Beginning

Sat 11 Jan

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24-year old Liusiadh (pronounced ‘Lucy’) is living her wild, energetic twenties in a hopeless pit of booze-fuelled despair, living with her parents and working the local supermarket’s cheese counter.

Following the suicide of her best friend Alistair, Liusiadh copes with her unruly emotions and pent-up frustrations by sleeping around the quiet town of Inverness.

Through a string of interactions, including with the equally troubled Dale (Lee Pace), we watch as Liusiadh tries to work out whether her down beaten life is worth fighting for.

Written, directed and starring Karen Gillan, this darkly compelling coming of age drama proves Gillan is a filmmaker to be reckoned with.

Karen Gillan / UK 2018 / 1h31m / Digital / 15 – Contains sexual violence, strong sex, drug misuse, very strong language.
Cast: Karen Gillan, Lee Pace, Paul Higgins, Matthew Beard.