Open Music Sessions

Diluain 6 Cèitean

Following the fantastic opening night – where local musicians improvised and jammed with our UHI visitors – our second open mic is on the 6th of May, and we would love you to come back and play some more, to come and hear what others are doing and have a fun relaxed evening.

How to take part

If you would like to play please contact; or if you have a very simple set up then feel free to come along with your instrument and take part wherever there is a gap. You can also ask whoever is playing if you can play along with them, and improvise with what they are doing.

If you are a starting out as a musician, if you are inexperienced in playing in front of an audience, this is the right place to come – you will be encouraged by hearing others play and will soon want to get up there yourself.

If you would like to have some mentoring, or help with any specific aspect of your performance, please contact Sandra will be around at the sessions should you wish to chat about being a Mentee.

We look forward to another great night!