Of Fish and Foe

Sat 14 Sept

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Of Fish and Foe
Director – Andy Heathcote
2018/UK/ English
BBFC Classification – 12A

The Pullars are the last family to use traditional fishing methods for their farming of wild Atlantic salmon off the north west coast of Scotland. When these fishing methods include killing seals, the salmon’s natural predators, conflict erupts. Animal activist  groups Sea Shepherd and Hunt Saboteurs oppose the Pullars at every turn. Challenging preconceptions, this documentary puts modern environmentalism under the microscope.

Supporting Short:  Lost World
Director – Kalyanee Mam
2018/Documentary/Cambodia/Khmer with English subtitles
HIFF Classification –  U

As Singapore dredges sand out from beneath Cambodia’s mangrove forests, the threat of erasure looms over an ecosystem, a communal way of life, and one woman’s relationship to her beloved home.