Na H-Òganaich

Sat 20 July

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Na H-Òganaich are delighted to perform once more at the HebCelt Festival this Summer. When they formed the group in 1971 they included songs written by the Melbost bard, Murdo Macfarlane. Margaret and Donnie Macleod and Noel Eadie never expected the amazing following of fans they had, young and old.

From all over Scotland, Europe, Canada and the United States. Their win at the National Mod in 1971 caused quite a stir, with their use of harmonies and treatment of Gaelic songs sung in a style which changed the format of traditional singing and in 1972 they won the Pan Celtic Festival and their popularity spread, by performing on many television programmes, recordings on Decca Beltona and theatre appearances.

For various reasons they ceased to perform as a group seven years later, each continuing in their professional fields, but thirty years later nostalgic fans persuaded them to perform in the CCA in Glasgow which allowed new generations to hear them live and the group re-recorded their songs on C.D “Gun Stad” and appeared on a documentary for BBC Alba and at Celtic Connections. At HebCelt in 2015 they delighted audiences where their concert was recorded as fastest selling show in the festival’s history!

They appeared at the 100 year Iolaire Commemoration concert in Stornoway last year and are thrilled to be part of HebCelt 2024 where they hope their loyal fans and welcoming new fans of the future will have a great night at An Lanntair. The Title, “Gun Stad” (Without Stopping) seems to be quite fitting!