Motanka Ukranian dolls

Fri 15 Apr

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Motanka are traditional Ukrainian rag dolls which symbolise protection over families. The name ‘motanka’ comes from the process of rolling the fabric and winding thread; and they are made with scraps of fabric and are knotted with one continuous length of thread symbolizing long life.

The Motanka don’t have faces – instead colourful threads are wound in the shape of a cross, the vertical lines symbolizing the link between the earth and sky / generations; and the vertical lines are for unity between people. There are many styles and sometimes they contain coins, grains or herbs as a wish for health and prosperity.

Motanka dolls are made in a spirit of positive thoughts towards the people you are making them for, and each time you make a knot, you make a wish for them.

Join us to learn how to make a Motanka doll and reflect on the situation unfolding in Ukraine. The workshop is free and you are invited to make a donation to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Families may wish to come together to this workshop during the school Easter holidays.  This workshop is suitable for ages 8 upwards. The dolls have no stitched seams – only knots.  All fabric and threads will be provided, but you can bring fabric which holds meaning for you if you wish.

To donate to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal Click Here.  Alternatively, you can make a cash donation at the workshop.

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