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“Morningstar” follows on from the targeted success of “Knox” – Trinity Digital’s documentary feature about the controversial Scottish Reformer John Knox.

Filmed in the same style, “Morningstar” is a feature length documentary-drama hybrid – a ‘docudrama’ – retelling the life and legacy of medieval philosopher John Wycliffe.

Funded through a mixture of donations, loans, sponsorship and investment, “Morningstar” is intended for broadcast, theatrical screening, DVD, and online viewing.

Accompanied by an engaging and educational resource online, “Morningstar” will inspire a 21st century audience with the passion and profundity of John Wycliffe.

“Morningstar” Vision Statement
“When I was developing my previous feature film, the historical documentary “Knox”, I found myself fascinated by the stories I was uncovering in my researches. I found mixed motivations, human flaws, and a prevailing sense of some great cosmic struggle behind the curtain of history. It struck me that ordinary people could play their part in something so much bigger than themselves.

“Shortly after completing that film, I re-read Diarmaid McCullough’s book: “Reformation: Europe’s House Divided”. I was struck again by the sheer breadth, depth and texture of the Christian Reformation. It can be sometimes reduced down into a dull, historical account, but to me the Reformation appeared to be a truly awe-inspiring phenomenon: a Renaissance of Faith.

“The canvas is the known world; the struggle is between God and Satan; the actors are flawed and striving people, fighting each other in their search for truth and a better world. I think I fell in love with the story. It was grander than Wagner’s “Twilight of the Gods”; more poetic than Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”; grittier than Martin’s “Game of Thrones”; more provocative than Pullman’s “Dark Materials”, and more spiritual than Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia”.

“I am passionate to tell this story, of which “Morningstar” forms the first part, and I believe that it will find a wide audience, keen to watch the rest of the story and discover more about the Christian Reformation.”

Murdo Macleod, Writer/Director