4 Sept - 2 Oct

The exhibition documents and celebrates personal stories of resilience and mental health through the medium of Victorian wet plate photography, which has qualities perfectly suited to empathetic interactions between photographer and sitter. The project capture moments during the COVID-19 pandemic, recording for prosperity stories of personal anguish and triumph during this historic international crisis.

Sitters were identified through an open selection process, leading to a portrait sitting either in the studio or at home facilitated via a mobile wet plate darkroom.

Simon Riddell splits his time between the Isle of Skye and working from his bespoke studio and darkroom at the picturesque Nigg Hill in the Scottish Highlands, specialising in analogue and alternative forms of photography.

Some of the work can be seen on MentalCollodion Instagram; and you can find out more in an article published by the Royal Photographic Society .

MentalColllodion is part of FLOW: The Highland Photography Festival – a biennial international photography festival held across the Highlands and Islands, presenting new and recent works by Scottish and international photographers to examine and explore the perspective of the North.