McTaggart Sisters – Our Great Grandfather’s Paintings

Fri 26 Nov

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Our Great Grandfathers Paintings – McTaggart Sisters

McTaggart Sisters, Elsa Jean McTaggart and her youngest sister Miss Irenie Rose, present a rare opportunity to hear these two highly acclaimed singers/songwriters/multi-instrumentalists come together in a fusion of blood harmonies, original arrangements and stunning vocals.

This incredibly gifted sister duo has that je ne sais quoi that you can’t quite put your finger on. Whilst they have talent by the bucket-load, their music comes from a special place so much deeper than simply sound and technique… something you can only experience through their live performances.

As two of 11 siblings (three brothers, eight sisters) with 15 years between them, Elsa Jean and Miss Irenie Rose bring musical riches and stories from different eras combining and entwining effortless, finger-picking and looping layers of vocals and guitar, writing songs and portraying the life, times and work of William McTaggart, renowned Scottish artist… who also happens to be their great-grandfather!