Living Proof: A Climate Story

Thurs 11 Nov

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In the month that Scotland hosts the UN’s climate change conference (COP26), curator and director Emily Munro searches for the roots of the climate crisis in our history. Archive footage from the National Library of Scotland evocatively portrays a country shaped by demands for energy and economic growth, while a dramatic soundtrack amplifies the voices of the past in powerful and unsettling ways.

The film reveals Scotland’s post-war history as seen through the lens of current debate, inviting audiences on a journey to revisit the promises of the past and consider how they relate to our future on this planet. Was climate change inevitable? Can we break free from a boom-and-bust mentality? Are we able to adapt to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for generations to come?

With a soundtrack featuring music by contemporary Scottish artists Louise Connell, Brownbear and Post Coal Prom Queen, this feature-length documentary brings Scotland’s evocative screen heritage to cinema audiences.

Directed by: Emily Munro