Kendal Mountain Tour 2023 – Adventure Film Collection

Thur 11 May

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The Kendal Mountain Tour returns with a brand new collection of incredible adventure films for you to enjoy on the big screen. You will be guided through a curation of thrilling and cinematically beautiful stories from across the globe told by a unique group of travellers, athletes, activists and creatives. Full film details will be released closer to the event, but the event typically includes a selection of six films.

The event and films will be introduced on-screen by the Kendal Mountain Team, with behind the scenes insights from the filmmakers themselves.

About Kendal Mountain

Kendal Mountain Festival has been sharing adventures for over four decades and has grown to become the ultimate social gathering for outdoor enthusiasts – with a world-class programme of films and talks from international adventurers taking place on the edge of the Lake District each year. Each year, the best content from the Festival is taken out on tour across the globe.

Visit Kendal Mountain Tour website for full details.