Keepers of the Light

Sat 28 May

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Keepers of the Light is the debut play by emerging playwright, Izzy Gray. Inspired by her late grandfather’s profession, the play brings together worlds of old and new. From the lamplit turn of the 20th Century to the present age of automation, it asks whether men today can really fathom what life must have been like as a keeper 100 years ago, in a time before radio communication and with only their colleagues and the sound of the night’s sea for company.

The play takes us through the various theories that have emerged over the years as to the missing keepers’ fate. Could the men have succumbed to a tragic accident? Did something more sinister happen? Is there more to this mysterious island than meets the eye?

As speculation grows amongst our characters, they find themselves led into dangerous waters, and the audience begin to see the perils of what it means to be part of a story and remembered only through the words of others.

While answers might not be found, the audience will be taken on a voyage, coloured both with tales of remembrance and conjecture, and with equal lashings of humour and suspense.