Inner Journeys and Creative Art Journaling with Jane Harlington

Wed 27 Apr - 1 Jun (six weeks)

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This course aims to provide students with some “Time Out” in which art and creativity will facilitate a return resilience. Post covid many people are still feeling washed out and unaccountably tired, our boundaries have been challenged and changed. Creative Art Journaling is a tried and tested way to get back on track and to rediscover a sense of who we are. Journaling is a tool that can be used across many disciplines. It requires no special equipment or skills other than a desire to engage with the process in an open hearted fashion. it is not an excuse for naval gazing but requires a desire for constructive self reflection.
Jane Harlington is an established island artist based at the Blue Pig Studio, Carloway. best known for mixed media collages and printmaking featuring birds and highland landscape.